Thursday, December 07, 2006


Pud’s going to book passage to South America “after the first of the year.”

“The U.S. is used up,” he said.

“Venezuela has it all—a socialist government, oil up the wazoo, and, my beloved soul-tribe the Yanomami.”

“Pud,” I said, “there are many tribes included in the term Yanomami.”

“You fucking well know what I mean!", he shouted.

“Chavez has brains, the earth provides resources, and the soul? That’s where the Yanomami come in. But they are under attack. They need your help now, President Chavez, please protect them."

Pud has discovered YouTube. He insists I post the follow clip. Pud calls it Beauty and the Beast. He says its a punishment session, for the more indigenous person’s failure to sit up straight!

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sfmike said...

Dude, you really are on a tear, and of course I agree with you about posture entirely. The tortured native examples only prove what we already knew.