Sunday, December 24, 2006


“Forget the insipidity of their choice,” Pud said, “it’s absolutely outrageous that Time Magazine should have named it’s Person of the Year already. The year isn’t over yet!

“Like, say, I announce the cure for cancer tomorrow,” Pud proposes reasonably, “would Time re-think their choice? What, would they make me wait to be POY for 2007?

“It’s like we may as well hibernate for the rest of the year,” Pud waved in disgust.

SFWILLIE’S BLOG will not announce it’s own choice for Person of the Year until the year is complete. So those of you who can find the cure for cancer, or who can broker a mid-east peace, don’t wait till after the first of the year. Do it now. SFWILLIE’S BLOG will recognize your achievement timely.

“Screw Time Magazine,” Pud eloquented.

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