Sunday, December 10, 2006


If a tort is tortious, then a rant is rantious. P.Wilson
Chicago this time. High rise. Attorney-targets. This story doesn’t give a clear death toll, but the perp, Joe Jackson, was one of them.

Joe felted that his main attorney-target had ripped him off on an invention-patent deal. Joe, thought of himself as having invented some sort of toilet arrangement thingie for trucks. Joe had a rap sheet: weapons, stolen vehicle, disorderly.

It is unknown if Joe had a successful track record as an inventor, or if the toilet thingie was his first.

So, chances are that the injustice Joe felt and attributed to the attorney-target could have been wholly imaginary or grossly exaggerated.

Conventional wisdom says that Joe’s action could never be justified. I certainly agree that the default response to felt injustice should not be violence.

But the flip side is impunity for wrongdoers.

School shootings that result from bullying are a clear example. Bullying at school can involve serious felonies that go unrecognized, conspiracy for example. When two kids act together to commit a crime, say vandalism or malicious mischief, that’s conspiracy. And conspiracy to commit a misdemeanor is a felony. And none of these crimes are ever prosecuted.

When a kid enters a public school the protections of criminal law are suspended.

What the fuck gives two kids the right to conspire to commit multiple crimes with the goal of making another kid’s life miserable?

Those bullies should be in jail and the authorities, civil, criminal, school, should defend the victim. Failing all that, what’s the victim to do?

The failure of school administrators to stop, and/or prosecute bullying is another example of people who want a regular paycheck but don’t want to do the difficult parts of their jobs. Lazy fat assholes

I’ll weep no tears for bullies.

And kids who get caught in the crossfire? Take your grievance to the school administrators. They knew there was a problem and they did nothing. And, if they didn’t know there was a problem, then they should resign because they’re fucking incompetent.

No, no, no. They’ll do anything, say anything, to protect their fucking paychecks.

Do we want people going out and killing for perceived injustices? No.

Do we want impunity for bullies? No.

BTW: I’ve been told that courtrooms are designed to protect the judge from violence coming from the litigants and spectators. That “bench” at which the judge sits is bulletproof. There’s always a “quick exit” door.

I knew a guy who headed the mortgage loan service organization for a bank in western Nebraska. He told me the floor plan of his office was designed with similar thought. Since my friend signed all the unpleasant notices, foreclosures, final demands, etc, his own office was as far from the public reception area as possible. He was completely aware that “all these farmers have guns.”

I don’t think my friend would intentionally cheat any loan customer, but he could be associated with a process some results of which could sometimes be perceived by some people as unjust.

When you consider the real, proven ripoffs, like Enron, I’m surprised that there aren’t more payback killings.

A necessary condition for peace is justice.
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