Wednesday, December 27, 2006


They aren’t telling us the cause of death of former U.S. president Gerald Ford.

I don’t think there’s anything nefarious, but the whole issue of death on the desert is kind of murky.

In the dry heat of the Coachella Valley (Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage etc.) the process of dieing is different. It’s more like a slow mummification in which the exact moment of death is impossible to determine.

Whether or not an old Rancho Miragian is dead is strictly a judgment call. In fact, what the doctors call “deeming a person dead,” is a gentle cousin of euthanasia.

Anyway, Gerald Ford has been deemed dead.

His major accomplishment as president is that he didn’t start any wars.

Otherwise, the man was a disgrace.

Investigators claim that when Gerald Ford was on the Warren Commission he acted as J. Edgar Hoover’s eyes and ears. To his dieing day he defended a report which 80% of Americans do not believe.

The people who killed JFK got away with it, partly due to Gerald Ford’s efforts. He was clearly an accessory after the fact in a presidential assassination.

His next significant act was to pardon Richard Nixon, not for any particular crime, but for any crime he may have committed. Only a stooge like Jerry could sign such a document. Again, accessory after the fact.

Just like playing center in football, big, affable Gerry Ford was willing to get down and get dirty for the team, and he always came up smiling. So all his crook politician friends loved him.

He was a good soldier in the army of evil.

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