Friday, December 08, 2006


I love this Christmas carol. I used to think it was French, because of the radical bridge, but I’m learning it’s probably Scandanavian.

Even the world’s leading Narcissist, Eric Cartman, shows repect for this beautiful song.

I like this clip because it brings up the conundrum I dealt with when I was Cartman’s age: If Christmas is Jesus’ birthday, then why is Santa bringing presents to me?

There’s some sort of metaphor thingie going on but logically there’s no reason why I or other kids should be receiving presents on Christmas.

I, like Cartman, gave up on this puzzle. Since I was the beneficiary of the illogicality I had no interest in running the question to ground.

When Cartman thanks Jesus for being born, his gratitude is completely sincere.

BTW: Even professional singers tend to “cup” the high note in this song. Cartman hits it dead on. It might be a little screechy but the intonation is great.

This is Eric Cartman on his very best behavior.

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