Tuesday, December 26, 2006


James Brown made it to 73, amazing!

Whenever I think of James Brown I remember the story of an inspection of his prison cell (I think it was his second stretch) turning up $35,000.00 in cash.

Pud thinks it makes perfect sense. “They don’t take credit cards in prison,” he explained as if I was dense.

A couple of neighborhood girls, maybe nine and eleven, black and wiry with tons of energy, would visit our flat in the Haight Ashbury when I was a student hippy, maybe 1970. They sort of came with the place.

They dropped by because we let them smoke cigarettes (byo), and they regaled us with stories of their adventures, Deirdre and Cici.

One time I asked them who was their favorite singer, without hesitation they said James Brown.

Hillary Clinton, as far as I can tell from googling around, supports the death penalty. Her only claim to fame is that she so thoroughly fucked up single payer healthcare reform that the issue’s been dead for fifteen years.

Way to go, Hillary.

Presumably Hillary supports the death sentence imposed on Saddam Hussein.

Autocrats who commit mass murder are the toughest case for anti-death penalty folks to argue against. Like the B-movie man-eating tiger for whom once having tasted human blood nothing else will do, so deposed autocrats want nothing except to regain power.

The only way to assure that Saddam will NOT regain power in Iraq is to kill him. Opponents of capital punishment calculate it’s worth the risk.

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