Friday, December 29, 2006


A San Francisco Police Officer was buried today with full honors. He had been shot to death while apprehending an escaped convict.

Special to me is that he was killed just a few blocks from my house and from SFWILLIE’S BLOG’s operations center.

The escaped convict had been committing burglaries and robberies in our neighborhood. When he realized he’d been spotted, the perp ran into the garage of a nearby house by kicking down the door. Officer Bryan Tuvera followed the guy into the garage and got shot. The perp was then killed by Officer Tuvera’s partner.
Officer Tuvera died later at S.F. General.

The escaped convict was a bad guy doing bad things, and I or Pud or any of our staff could have been the next victim. Officer Tuvera was very brave and took his job of protecting us seriously. He remains a good example to us all. He was just a young guy.

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