Friday, December 15, 2006


For an average, nothing-too-special, salt of the earth kind of straight male, probably his highest vocation is going to be fatherhood. Raising a kid is a complex task that baffles many men, geniuses and sub-geniuses alike, moguls and minions alike.

Not only is fatherhood our guy’s highest vocation, but it’s pretty much expected and desired by parents and others in the straight oriented world. For many men, fatherhood is sort of optional, but sort of not.

Now here come these fancy gay men who want to get married to each other and become fathers if they wish. For them, becoming a father is a lifestyle choice, something that fits into a fulfilling life.

For our average guy, fatherhood doesn’t fit into his life, his life fits into fatherhood.

So I sympathize some with our average guy who may not be all that enthusiastic about gay marriage and all

Also, the process of regular fertilization means that each of us could be the product of a really great fuck, as in “Dad, where did I come from?”

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Right on.