Thursday, December 28, 2006


The earthly remains of Gerald Ford are going on tour. Likewise those of James Brown.

The most famous venue scheduled for Ford’s corpse is the U.S. Capitol Rotunda, for James Brown’s it’s the Apollo Theater.

I told Pud to draw the two routes on a US map so we could see them crisscross. Pud told me to paint a word picture instead. At least that’s what Pud meant, what he said was something about kissing his ass. He's totally in this "I'm a Yanomami" mode lately. So I had to do it myself.

The first figure shows the itineraries of the two coffins, Ford’s in red, Brown’s in blue.

The second figure shows the path taken by JFK’s coffin, which we see being loaded in Dallas and unloaded in Washington. Note that the final resting place of this coffin is somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean off the continental shelf.

It is impossible to conceive a rational and innocent reason for deepsixing this important piece of evidence in a still unsolved murder. We must conclude that the motive was sinister.

There is much dispute about multiple coffins and multiple bodies being autopsied. Who knows how much if any of JFK’s actual remains are buried at Arlington. It is a matter of record that JFK’s brain is NOT buried at Arlington, it just went missing some time after the autopsy.

I think they buried JFK in Arlington in order to make any exhumation effort a federal case.

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