Thursday, April 05, 2007


According to this blurb, Jared Blumenfeld has grown SF’s Department of Environment. It’s treated as a positive thing. To bureaucrats size definitely matters, budget size.

Jared Blumenfeld replaces Francesca Vietor, who resigned in April, joining SF Environment at a time of significant growth, with several new program areas in development. The department has an operating budget just under $2 million and will have a staff of 25 by year's end ­ up from a budget under $300 thousand and a staff of three when Vietor became director in 1999. SF Environment also administers a $13 million grant for environmental health and justice projects in Potrero Hill and Hunters Point, and an $8 million grant to launch the Power Boosters program to help small businesses underwrite the costs of energy-efficiency improvements.

Here is the current staff list as posted on their website. There are more than 25 names here.

Jared Blumenfeld, Director
David Assmann, Deputy Director

Toxic Materials Reduction
Deborah O. Raphael

City, Household & Commercial Toxics Reduction
Sushma Dhulipala
Chris Geiger
Cynthia Knowles
Jeffery Liang
Chanpreet Sidhu
Deanna Simon
Brooke Sommerfeldt
Marjaneh Zarrehparvar

Green Building
Rich Chien
Laura Ingall
Mark Palmer
Christy Tao

Robert Haley

Julie Bryant
Julia Chang
Alex Dmitriew
Christine Domingo
Kevin Drew
Alexa Kielty
Jack Macy
Annette Poliwka
Mary Williams

Clean Air

Vandana Bali
Robert Hayden
Faiz Khan
David Lok
Lauren Seaby

Environment Commission
Monica Fish

Environmental Justice
Anne Eng

Rachel Buerkle
Raymond Manion
Sraddha Mehta

Public Outreach & Education
Mark Westlund

Public Outreach
Gloria Chan
Erinn Godfrey
Thea Hillman
Sunshine Swinford-Devries
Brise Tencer

School Education
Janeshia Adams-Ginyard
Amy Dao
Tamar Hurwitz
Brian Lau
Rebecca Wike
Eva Wong

Urban Forests
Grace Ma

Renewable Energy/Energy Watch Program
Cal Broomhead

Melissa Capria
Stephanie Chang
Seth Epstein
Alena Gilchrist
Ann Kelly
Spencer Lipp
Johanna Partin

Lloyd Arcega
P.J. Dayacamos
Jennifer Mar
Claudia Molina
Bo-Ming Ng
Mary Nelson
Joseph Salem
Ruth Santander
Nelly Sun

Special Projects
Jennifer Kass

Shawn Rosenmoss

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sfmike said...

The department is, as Mary McCallister said to me, "simply mestatic." Please continue.

Anonymous said...

Good grief! Now, the real question is - do they do any work? My neighborhood is trying to do something about numerous problem issues and haven't found any departments at City Hall helpful. Quite the opposite, in fact.

nancy (namastenancy)

Anonymous said...

...the staff count is of full-time permanent employees, many of those listed on the website are temporary or provisional positions, so there probably are about 25 staffers there....also, the budget is mostly grant funded, the only position there that is paid from the general fund is the Executive Dir., the rest are paid for from grants, so if the department is "growing" it is because they are doing good work and getting more grants...SF Environment operates more like a nonprofit, so don't talk smack!

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