Saturday, April 14, 2007


This week we heard Metropolitan Transportation Agency Chief Nathaniel Ford’s name associated with a positive environmental story. He had made purchases with taxpayer money that he was proud of. Read the entire Fog City Journal story here.

Mayor Gavin Newsom and San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency chief Nat Ford this morning unveiled the first of what will be a fleet of diesel-electric hybrid Muni buses.

These buses are supposed to be less polluting and will save the City money in the long run (spes). The actual purchase price (res) was not mentioned.

In other news, the headline on this Chronicle article from yesterday pretty much says it all.


New streetcar line brings delays, confusion, stress to commuters as S.F. transit system tries to iron out kinks during its first week of full service

According to the Chronicle story, and other sources, Nathanial Ford posted an apology on the MTA website for the opening week meltdown of the new T Third streetcar line.

"I would like to express our apologies for the frustrations you have experienced with Muni service over the last few days. We recognize that the quality of service Muni has provided is unacceptable. ...

Then, a few hours later, Ford’s apology was removed from the website. It looks like amateur hour at the MTA. Like, does Nathaniel apologize, or not?

This is not 21st Century technology, it’s not even 20th Century technology, it’s 19th Century technology. Were talking about streetcars!

Mr Ford’s performance is unacceptable. He should seek a job more suited to his abilities.

This just in, from the MTA website:

Line: T
Area: Dogpatch, Bayview, Visitacion Valley
Date: April 14, 2007
Time: Start of service to 1:00 pm
Service on Third Street between Caltrain and Sunnydale will be provided via shuttle busses. There will be stops marked approximately adjacent to Third Street light rail stations. T-Third light rail trains will run between Castro and 4th & King/Caltrain. Shuttle buses will run to/from 3rd & King. Accessible transfers at 2nd & King.

We hear the Overtime Meters click like geigers in yellow cake.
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