Monday, April 30, 2007


When Muni Metro was sold to the voters of San Francisco we were promised that four-car trains would run in the underground.

Four-car trains were to couple and uncouple at West Portal Station and at Duboce/Church for transition to and from surface operation as singles or two-car trains.

This promise has never been delivered. Why? Because it’s “too hard.”

The coupling and uncoupling process was just too difficult.

When Nathaniel Ford tells you any statistics regarding the number of trains going through, say, the Embarcadero Station, he’s talking about two-car trains, not the promised four-car trains.

Want to double Muni Metro Capacity? Run the promised four-car trains.

The idea that our great city (gag) can’t figure out how to couple and uncouple streetcars timely tells us how lame our elected officials really are.

So, what do we do with these folks? Let's give them another $1.5 billion to build some more subway--a subway with lot's of "promise."

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