Monday, April 02, 2007


Local politics has me depressed. A tennis tournament last weekend (3/24-25) took it out of me. So I’ve ignored my loyal readers. Bags, bikes, building inspectors—I’ve been ignoring these important issues.

Remember, you can always check Jesuit Watch if you really need an sfwillie fix, although posts have been sparse over there, also. I’ve been overwhelmed by my research into the organized movement of gay Catholic clergy.

I’ve experimented and found that I can add a link to a picture just like I can add a link to text. So, now, when I use a picture from Google image search, I’ll try to insert a link to the source webpage (just click on the image). Sometimes, not always, the source webpage will contain a larger version of the picture and other similar pictures. Here's an example.

I finally broke down and bought a digital camera. I have almost zero photography experience, so I’ve been experimenting and learning.

Yesterday I visited my old friend, Dennis, in Oakland. We stopped by a stable where Dennis is a regular. One of his loves is to shower attention and grooming and doctoring on horses that are sort of ignored. He brings them back

Here are some pictures from the stable.

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sfmike said...

Very nice pics for a beginner.