Tuesday, April 10, 2007


If I were a Giants fan this would get me down. The team is going for its worst start-of-season record in the almost 49 years since moving west.

Not only is the record poor, but some of the losses have been discouraging. The final score of yesterday’s loss, 1-0, is almost unheard of in post-expansion MLB. And for a pitcher to lose after such a fine effort is a tragedy. [Chron story here.]

I would want the second headline to read--Bonds: “We’ll start clicking, and winning.”

But no, the story of the entire Giants season is insignificant next to the story of Bonds’ quest for individual records. That’s the message of these few inches on SFGate’s main page currently.

Speaking of moving west. In the forty-seven world series since the two teams moved west, the LA Dodgers have appeared in 9, winning 5 times; and the Giants have appeared in 3 World Series, winning zero. On average, each of the eight original NL teams should have gone to the Series 4.3 times since 1958.

Depressing, for Giants fans.

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