Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Today on SFGovTV I stumbled across a live meeting of the Transportation Authority which equals the full Board of Supervisors. The agenda promised a review of the opening of the T Third streetcar line.

The opening was a disaster and the problems are still rampant. I predict that the idea of switching-back trains at Castro Station will be abandoned and other routing for the T Third (from Embarcadero to Sunnydale only) will be, after much rider suffering, introduced.

Anyway, I thought there would be some excoriating.


Muni head, Nathaniel Ford, gave an elaborate presentation of the problems he found when he took over Muni, almost two years ago. This was meant to deflect blame for the T Third disaster.

Funny thing, no criticism of Mr Ford at all. The board actually let Mr Ford congratulate himself for keeping Muni's overall on-time rate at 70%.

McGoldrick, who chaired, had nothing but praise for Mr Ford. Heckofajob!

Aaron Peskin bugged Ford about collateral problems the T Third opening has caused to his district, but no mention of the meltdown.

No public comments. It’s like everything’s ok with Muni.

I am baffled.
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