Monday, August 17, 2009


Food, I guess, as opposed to intravenous drip.

Readers concerned about global food insecurity will want to read this Guardian UK story.


San Franciscans, on the other hand, have a chance help solve the problem by, of all things, eating.

Thanks to the great, new (to me), online news source, San Francisco Appeal, for covering an upcoming charity hot-dog tasting scheduled for the Acme Chop House located in the Giants' ballpark.


Two things caught my eye.  First, the term "food community," and second, this blog's favorite hot dog entrepreneur will be there.

The event will benefit the Chef's Collaborative...

a leading nonprofit network of chefs that fosters a sustainable food system through advocacy, education and collaboration with the broader food community,

Any idea what this could possibly mean?

Anyway, nine sausage types will be available, provided by vendors including Let's Be Frank.

The owner of the Marine district/pushcart hotdog outlet got this blog's attention when he shared with us What San Francisco is All About.

You guessed it: hot dogs, or more specifically, his hot dogs.

"Let's Be..." is also listed as a food vendor for the Outside Lands rock fest in Golden Gate Park, which is thoroughly dissed in the same issue of SF Appeal.

"Weenies for weenies" it looks like.

A one-dollar donation is requested to get into the Chop House, then each food item is $5 or less.

If "Let's Be..." is offering whole hot dogs for that price it could be a bargain, if you can eat three of them.

Usual price is $5.50 for a Let's Be frank, times three is is $16.50. A dollar donation plus three franks at $5/ea. is $16.00.

Save fifty cents, and it all goes to some vague charity.

Plus, they offer select beers and wines at $3 and $4 per glass respectively.

I went to Acme once for lunch. Overpriced mediocre burger in a deserted atmosphere.  I worked for 18 months right next to Acme and none of my co-workers, none, ever went there.

As the location suggests, it's mostly for game day splurgers.

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