Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Deserved or not, Supervisor Chris Daly is blamed (credited, per our pov) for the departure of three members of the San Francisco Arts Commission. [sfgate story here]


One of the resigners is Dede Wilsey, who is largely responsible for the design of this building in Golden Gate Park.


Its resemblance to an aircraft carrier (helicopters) is not for nothing.  It anticipates the day when Dede and her rich friends will have to eschew ground transit entirely, for security reasons, and chopper in, chopper out.


After all, critics agree, the building works better as a private party venue than as an art display facility.

Anyway, wisdom is that these devoted servants of San Francisco and of the Arts quit because of ethics issues--they refuse to comply with new, more stringent, financial disclosure rules.

One of them says so explicitly and seems kind of paranoid:

Przyblyski's letter describes in great length her frustration with Supervisor Chris Daly's recent move to require far more financial disclosure of arts and film commissioners...

"I cannot help but fear that this is an attempt to open the door for new opportunities to harass me in an attempt to 'get' my husband,"

For some reason, although the new ethics rule was approved unanimously by the Board and signed by our butler-to-the-rich mayor Gavin Newsom, it's supervisor Chris Daly getting the blame.

sfwillie's blog says Way to go, Chris!

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sfmike said...

I loved how at the end of stepson Sean Wilsey's memoir, "Oh The Glory of It All," the author manages to forgive his mother Pat Montandon who wanted to commit suicide with 10-year-old Sean during her divorce, and his gangster father Al Wilsey, and a whole host of other people including himself, but he found it impossible to forgive Dede Wilsey. "I simply couldn't understand somebody that evil," he wrote.

As for Jeanne's statement about "going after my husband, Eric Jaye," I wish somebody would. The man is slime personified.

sfwillie said...

Thanks, Mike.

I'm glad that you keep track of these people and share your insights.