Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Yesterday our Board of Supervisors unanimously certified (approved) an Environmental Impact Report regarding a Bike Plan that would increase dedicated bicycle lanes, and increase public transit accommodations for bicycles in San Francisco. (sfgate story here.)


This despite the Report's findings that the plan would result in increased air pollution and decreased public transit efficiency.

Bikes first!

Bicycling is great if:

- You're healthy and fit;

- You're not going too far;

- You're not carrying too much stuff;

- There's only one or two of you;

- You have secure parking at all destinations;

- You have shower/locker facilities at all destinations;

- Motorists (elsewhere) continue to pay gas taxes to keep the bike lanes paved;

- The price of food (bicycle fuel) is no object;

- Liability insurance is not required;

- Stop signs and red lights are not enforced;

- You don't live, or work, or visit at the top of steep hills;

- And, most importantly, you have fair weather, not too hot, not too wet.

The new bike lanes will be in force 24/7/365.

Even in the the worst weather possible.

I looked at the website of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, the major force behind the Bike Plan, to see how hardcore bikers handle inclement weather.

I did a search of their site for "rain cancels" and got this:


Even SFBC acknowledges that almost no one wants to ride a bike in the rain.

So, on rainy days, the new bike lanes will be empty, and bikers will be riding public transit, or hitching rides in death machines.

If the rain strikes in the middle of a work day, those who biked to work will expect Muni to get them, and their bicycles, home.

Great plan!

As with little kids who expect to make millions from their lemonade stand (as long as mommy buys the ingredients), sometimes you have to let them try it, and see for themselves.

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