Saturday, April 27, 2013


Obama will sign the restoration of full funding for air traffic controllers.  The Sequester is being repealed, one line item at a time.

Airport delays inconvenience non-poor white people so FAA funding is the first budget to be restored.

Remember Five Easy Pieces?


Youtube clip here.

Let's divide the Federal Budget into two categories:

1) Social programs, and

2) Everything else.

Right-wingers, which these days includes the entire Republican Party, hate spending on Social Programs, especially those that benefit poor and non-white people.

Republicans want to reduce social programs for these folks to zero.

But the Democrats resist cutting social programs in any obvious way...  just as:

The diner doesn't have sides of toast on the lunch menu.

So the Dems and Repubs get together and pull a Jack Nicholson.

They do a Sequester on all spending which is like Jack ordering the Chicken Salad Sandwich on toast.

Jack holds one thing at a time until there's nothing left but the toast.

Dem/Rebubs gradually restore the budgets of everything but the social programs.

In the end it's the same result: targeted cuts to social programs, piece of toast.

In summary:

Sequester = Chicken Salad on Toast,

Social program cuts = Toast.

They think they're being slick.

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