Thursday, April 04, 2013


What kind of moral shithole is Rutgers University?


After they killed Tyler Clementi for being gay, you'd think they'd cool it on the overt anti-gay slurs.

In any decent organization, any superior who calls a subordinate:

A Fucking Fairy,


A Fucking Faggot

is fired on the spot.

If those words are accompanied by physical assault, the police are called and the perp is arrested for a hate crime.

Not at Rutgers. Not if he's a basketball coach.  At Rutgers the assaultive homophobe is rehired!

Rutgers appears to be a hostile environment for gay people.

Who's in charge here?

Rutgers' so-called president is this guy, Robert L. Barchi.


And the Athletic Director, Tim Pernetti. That's Tim on the right, with his homophobic, abusive buddy, Mike Rice, on the left.

Rutgers Rice Basketball

They finally fired coach Rice, only after  videos of Rice, attacking players and calling them:

Fucking Fairies,


Fucking Faggots,

became public.

But for those videos, this ultra-homophobe would still be earning $700,000 per year, and still calling kids:

Fucking Fairies,


Fucking Faggots.

Rutgers' little secret.

That's what kind of moral shithole Rutgers University is.

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