Friday, April 05, 2013


I guess President Catfood bowed to pressure and apologized, but many commenters still fail to see the evil of his calling Kamala Harris the "country's best looking Attorney General."


The meta-message is "We men (who vote with our gonads) find her attractive."

This could be proven untrue if Barack O'Simpson says similar things in similar circumstances about good-looking men.

If Barack frequently compliments the good-looks of men and women equally, then the behavior is simply inappropriate.  If the comments are about women only, it's sexist.

The comment makes Ms Harris a "female AG," as opposed to a regular(?) Attorney General.

For instance, I doubt he'd refer to zombie fascist Alan Simpson as "one hot resurrected corpse." He loves him more like a brother.


They'll probably say, "Bro," while high-fiving after Baree Antoinette signs the Social Security cuts.

Hey, the average American house cat eats pretty well!


Bronco Bomber's meta-meta message sounds like a vicious attack (I thought she supported him) on Kamala, insinuating that her political career was significantly helped along by her, uh, friendship with Willie Brown.

(As if Barry Bendover didn't do some pretty nasty things while slumming with slumlords.)

If this was a deliberate attack, it means she must have done things as Attorney General of California that have pissed off Deputy Barry Fife, who still can't find a banker to arrest.


To this I say, "Hooray for Kamala!"

You go, girl!  I mean...

You go, Madame Attorney General!

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