Sunday, April 07, 2013


According to the New York Times this morning, Rutgers officials had known for some time about the abusive, assaultive, homophobic behavior of now-disgraced basketball coach Mike Rice.


Coach Rice's behavior constituted an ongoing defect in the Rutgers basketball program. We know this because school officials took steps to correct it.

Have Rutgers basketball recruiters been selling a defective product?

Simple question: during the last recruiting season, was this program defect revealed to prospective recruits?

Before committing to a college basketball program, it seems you'd want to know if it was run by a homophobic, psycho-bully.

Important: in cases where the prospective recruits were minors, was this program defect revealed to the parents?

If this crucial defect was not revealed, the recruits and/or their parents should have a cause of action against the university.


Will Barchi be signing those checks?

Or will it be New Jersey's top bully?


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