Tuesday, December 23, 2008


It's about Matthew Shepard.

This morning we heard Mike Barnicle accuse gay people of being intolerant toward Rick Warren, Obama's choice for inaugural invocation giver.

Like the other highly paid apologists for the billionaires they work for, Barnicle says that gays object to Warren because he opposes gay marriage.

This an absurd lie.  Gays voted for Obama, and he opposes gay marriage.

Rick Warren supports the murder of gay people.

That's why we think he's unacceptable.


Matthew Shepard was killed because he was gay and cute.  Some local boys, for whom homosexuality is the scariest thing on earth, found themselves attracted to Matthew.  They actually had stirrings in the loins when they saw him.

This caused such them emotional consternation and psychological weirdness, they attacked Matthew Shepard and left him to die, alone, in the dark of night, here:


What does this have to do with Rick Warren?

Rick Warren directly and enthusiastically contributes to the emotional consternation and psychological weirdness that caused Matthew's death.


Bible study classes take place in the Plaza Room, which shares the little green building (near the center around two o'clock) with the Terrace Cafe.

These are the first eight results on the Saddleback Family website for the search term "homosexuality."

new search

This might seem laughable until you consider that impressionable, sincere young boys are brought to Saddleback Church by their probably well meaning parents.  At least a few of them are and will be gay.

This is what they get in Bible study. [Snip from Skeptics Annotated Bible.]


The yokel kids who killed Matthew Shepard were simply following Leviticus 20-13.

The bible has all sorts of crazy rules that even contradict each other. Credible theologians disagree on many issues. Which rules a pastor chooses to emphasize tell us more about the pastor than about the will of God.

Rick Warren is attracted, for some weird reason, to the kill-gays part of the Bible.

Shame on you Mike Barnicle for defending this kind of hatred masked as religion, and shame on Barack Obama.

btw: Warren claims to have gay friends. I refuse to believe this until he produces at least two people who claim to be practicing homosexuals and claim that Rick Warren is their friend. And we're not talking about Ted Haggard!

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The Blue Elephant said...

Very heartfelt, thank you, Willie. Among people who responded beautifully to a recent lament I wrote about the choice of Rick Warren is a couple whose wonderful daughter works with homeless transgender teenagers, and was beat up on the New York subway by a bunch of guys because she is a lesbian. The verbal chess game played by some in the enclaves has murderous effects elsewhere. A particularly dark website: http://www.jesus-is-savior.com/Evils%20in%20America/Sodomy/homosexuality_is_a_sin.htm
It is also very annoying to hear that Willie Brown says that Dan White did not kill Harvey Milk because he was gay. True, Dan White felt trapped by his life, frustrated, even hopeless, but his hate-filled political statements clearly indicate that it enhanced his vengeance that he was killing a homosexual. The homosexual he most feared and hated lived on, however -- the one inside himself -- lived on, and so he had to kill himself finally. Willie Brown is frequently a bag of hot air.

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