Thursday, December 18, 2008


The last eight years, not to mention the sum total of human history, provide strong argument against hereditary power.

Our current George Bush would be completely unknown except for his dad, who would have been completely unknown had he not been the son of Nazi-loving* Senator Prescott Bush.

*According to wikipedia:

Bush was a member of the Board of Directors of Union Banking Corp, whose assets were seized under the Trading with the Enemy Act due to ownership by "enemy nationals".

So now Caroline Kennedy wants to be a senator. If appointed she would take office without having received even one vote in any election anywhere.

Apparently she doesn't much like the state she seeks to represent, per this SFGate story:

A Kennedy spokesman declined to tell the New York Times this week whether the Park Avenue resident had ever traveled to Buffalo, Syracuse or Rochester - at least before Wednesday, when she visited Syracuse.

Every little girl asks for a pony. Not many get one.

Caroline Kennedy

The rich are different from the rest of us.

They're able to give their kids ponies, and senate seats.

Because of her ability to raise funds, the pundits say, Caroline is very attractive to party bigwigs.

Ok, but hereditary journalism?

I, like most thinking cable news viewers, was appalled at the outpouring of accolades for the suddenly deceased Tim Russert, a mediocre hack who was so darned pleased to be a mediocre hack. Such high praise can be explained only as an irrational reaction to sudden loss, part of the grieving process.

But then, for NBC to inflict Russert's son, Luke, upon us is just too much. Luke Russert is less talented than his hack father, but he bring bangs, and a smirk.


Sfwillie understands that he is not an important demographic, but he wants MSNBC to know that he immediately switches the channel whenever Luke Russert's face appears.

If the family needs the income, that's one thing, but don't give the kid air time. Sheesh!

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