Sunday, December 21, 2008


Throughout the "Pastor" Rick Warren controversy defenders of Obama's position point out that for the first time a gay contingent, a marching band complete with male twirlers, will appear in the parade. As if that counterbalances something.

It's like, the straight white males will take care of the theology, gays can handle the entertainment.


Youngsters won't know what I'm talking about but I have this mental picture of Sammy Davis Jr doing a tapdance at a George Wallace rally

Anyway, I strongly suggest that the Lesbian and Gay Band Association withdraw from the inaugural parade.

Here's a first cut at a statement:

The controversy surrounding the participation of an openly anti-gay minister in the upcoming inauguration requires that the LGBA withdraw from participating in the inaugural parade.

The rights of gays and lesbians are not a matter of opinion over which we can have civilized disagreement. For us our rights are a matter of life and death.

Rick Warren's freely expressed views are not just wrongheaded and hateful, they are dangerous to gay and lesbian people everywhere. With smiles, Pastor Warren encourages other to act on their hate.

While we strongly wish to participate in this great national event, we cannot do so if it means associating ourselves, even remotely, with the hateful views of Rick Warren.

Regardless of what the national gay band group decides, I fully expect the San Francisco contingent to withdraw. For a San Francisco gay group to walk shoulder to shoulder with Rick Warren would signal the final death of anything like San Francisco values.

"San Francisco" becomes just another term-of-art in the real estate biz.

I know this would be a sacrifice but not the first sacrifice ever made to protect gay rights.

Back in 1969 there were gay people enjoying quiet cocktails in comfy if discreet lounges on the upper East Side, while down in the Village drag queens and hustlers were battling police outside the Stonewall Bar.


BTW: Never take behavioral advice from a fat man. He preaches that gay people should resist the need for sexual intimacy, a need near the core of our experience as humans. Whereas this fat fuck Warren can't resist a goddamn Big Mac.

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The Blue Elephant said...

Obama is young and not yet very sophisticated, and probably not full aware of his own homophobia, so I am hoping, as many criticize him for this move of choosing Rick Warren to deliver the Invocation at the Inauguration (receiving a scolding even from Barney Frank who would not stand up for transgenders) that he will become conscious that in making what he hopes are clever political moves that they cannot be separate from the progressive values he is claiming to represent (the means must be consistent with the intended ends). Meanwhile, the country and the future is ours, not his or Warren's or any other power figure, so the gay band should march and show that it owns our capital -- and I do hope there will be a sufficient number in the crowd who will boo Warren when he speaks (I am sure I can depend on my Code Pink sisters for that, although I guess they had better hide their pink until they are in place). Many are sending a shoe to the White House. Maybe I should send a tutu and a tiara to Rick Warren.