Tuesday, December 16, 2008


So I'm sitting at my new Vista machine looking at the morning headlines on My Yahoo just the way a person is supposed to be able to do, and I see this AP thing: Explorer Security Hole Not Fixed: Microsoft.

So I'm thinking, I got this new machine because my old machine got it's wazoo trojanized:

Users of all current versions of MicrosoftCorp.'s Internet Explorer browser might be vulnerable to having their computers hijacked because of a serious security hole in the software that had yet to be fixed Monday.

So why the heck doesn't Bill Gates pay someone to fix the damn flaw.  Is it too much ask of the richest man in the world that he stop fucking up us poor folks' computers?

Apparently it IS too much to ask:

Microsoft said it is investigating the flaw and is considering fixing it through an emergency software patch outside of its normal monthly updates, but declined further comment. The company is telling users to employ a series of complicated workarounds to minimize the threat.

I think users should employ lawyers and class action suits to minimize the chance of this happening again.

And I'm thinking we should get that Prosecutor from Chicago on Bill Gates' case.

Many security experts, meanwhile, are urging Internet Explorer users to use another browser until a patch is released.

So I'm like, holy shitfuck, this is  Internet Explorer I'm using right now!

One hour later: I'm using Firefox and loving it. Bye-bye IE.  This doesn't mean I won't join the class action.

I'd almost forgotten what a prick Bill Gates is.

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