Thursday, January 31, 2008


In commenting on San Francisco’s shameful response to the tiger mauling incident at its zoo, I mentioned the name of the Zoological Society head, Nick Podell [left in photo below], in less than flattering terms.

It turns out that Nick is a stand up guy. When things go wrong, the person in charge is supposed to take responsibility, not dodge it. It’s simply part of the job.

According to Fog City Journal’s excellent coverage of a special BOS committee meeting, Mr Podell spoke like a leader.

Zoological Society board chairman Nick Podell told the committee, "Under no circumstances is it OK for an animal to escape."

"I want to deliver a mea culpa for the zoo," he said. "There is no excuse and the focus of the Zoological Society is to make sure it will never happen again."

What a breath of fresh air!

As this blog continues to predict, Tigergate has just begun. The SFPD coverup-investigation, seeking to frame the victims, has officially come up dry. The investigation into criminal culpability on the part of present or past zoo officials has yet to begin.

Podell’s mea culpa may signal that the Zoo management coverup is starting to sink. His candor may serve as a personal floatation device.

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Sweet Melissa said...

You know what is sad? The moment I read that he took public responsibility for the problem (as the SFZS should) I thought to myself, "This guy's career at the SFZS is SO over." I fear he'll be out soon. Can't have integrity at a time like this...