Saturday, February 23, 2008


“They blow this white stuff up your nose, and it’s like these time release pellets get lodged on the inside of your skull and it’s like looking at the ceiling of a planetarium only tactile, you know, like brain-tactile, and like every day you experience the complete life-cycle of the universe from Big Bang to Absolute Zero and back again.

“It’s draining,” Pud said.

Back from Amazonia, Pud is much the worse for wear.

His grandma got everything expunged, but Pud is beat, truly. “You never know when the snap crackle ‘n’ pop will start up again.”

It’s like his hubris has a shock collar now. He is daunted. It’s kind of sad. They say brain cells don’t regenerate. So it’s not like Pud can just start over.

[The above picture is from the Wikipedia article “Psychedelics, Dissociatives, and Deliriants.” In no way is it implied that this shaman and/or his tribe have ever had any contact with an American named Pud.]


Locally, I see that Mayor Newsom has said “Fuck you” to Muni riders and Muni employees by hiring four gubernatorial campaign consultants out of Muni’s budget.

I haven’t caught up with the outcome (Peskin demands give-back) etc, but it’s the thought that counts.

The local election results were disappointing and predictable.

Sfmike pointed out an amusing development—the omnipresence of Jennifer Siebel ads on Pat Murphy’s SF Sentinel. Is this team-building? Let’s see… they got Kukla, now JS can be Fran… all they need is a one-toothed dragon to play Ollie.

Nationally, a participant in one illegal, immoral war and firm advocate (Bomb-bomb Iran) of more, John McCain is accused of sex with a woman not his wife, with little concern that the foreplay may have involved bribery and corruption.

No candidate for president has mentioned the need for NWPG (Negative World Population Growth), which for me means they’re not serious.


If we are going to achieve a sustainable world economy, NWPG must be accompanied by a shift from resource-consuming activities to artistic/symbolic activities. An example of the former would be desert dirt-biking, of the latter, singing.

America is embarrassed to sing in public, silly stupid cowards.

It’s like Americans would rather strip naked in front of a crowd than sing.

Look at the ridicule Ted Kennedy received for serenading a Texas audience with a Spanish song. Teddy has balls. And the crowd went wild.

Here… hear. I put my mouth where my money is:

Go ahead. Make fun of Ted. Make fun of me. Knock yourselves out.

So we have Barrack’s promise of “a new kind of politics.” I’m like, does that come before or after “the end of history”? I’m so skeptical I could… sing.

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Jerry Jarvis said...

"John McCain is accused of sex with a woman not his wife"
Reminds me of a song by Frank Zappa-Stinkfoot.

Jerry Jarvis said...

The next American Idol folks. Trust me you did well Willie.

sfwillie said...

Thanks, Jerry, You're a real mensch.

Jerry Jarvis said...

I try to be willie.

The Blue Elephant said...

Now that I have learned that you can make a movie on MAC by looking into that little eye at the top of the screen, I think I may sing one of my favorite songs too -- either GREEN or Rodger and Hart's GLAD TO BE UNHAPPY. Or one could read one of one's poems to the eye on the machine. You have bravely led the way! Why not sing that sweetly naive song you wrote some decades(?) ago?