Saturday, January 12, 2008


The upcoming special election on February 5, is already too depressing.

After so many years of human meat-grinding in Iraq, the presidential primary doesn’t offer an electable anti-war candidate to vote for. On other issues I’m agreeing so far with sfmike over at Civic Center Blog.

Actually the Let’s Buy Alcatraz proposition on San Francisco’s ballot will provide some amusement. I’m like, I thought we were saving up to buy the Brooklyn Bridge.

Anyway, local politics junkies are already talking about the November ’08 election, in which 7 of the 11 seats on Board of Supervisors are on the ballot.

Eleven of anything is too many for me to remember, so I made myself a visual aid.

First, from the Board’s webpage, a broad map of the districts.

Usually, half the board seats are up for election every two years. All the evens, then two years later all the odds. This November is the odds, plus, because of Ed Jew and all his strageness and alleged criminality, the seat for District 4 is also up for election.

I’ve taken the liberty of color-coding the current board members: red is conservative, yellow is moderate, and green is liberal. The Current Supe column shows who's there now. The Next Supe column shows who will be there after the November '08 election. The four solid-bars-across represent seats not at stake in November. A blank box means I don't know.

This analysis assumes that incumbents will hold their seats. With such an assumption, we see that conservatives are already guaranteed four seats on the new board, at least the same number as on the current board. And we see that there are only four seats really up for grabs.

Please note: three of the four conservatives achieved their incumbency through appointment by Gavin Newsom. The blog urges, once again: END APPOINTED INCUMBENCY!

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