Friday, November 03, 2006


So another rightwing Christian leader gets caught consorting with a male prostitute. It would still be news, but less juicy, if the prostitute had been female. Seems anymore it has to be gay or underage for anyone to care.

As an opponent of sex-fun in general and gay sex especially, Rev Ted Haggard is disgraced as a hypocrite.

Lost in this is his utter failure of pastoral duty.

When a Christian minister meets a prostitute, the minister’s response should be to help the prostitute find a better line of work, not to ask, “How much?”

The larger question for me is the dignity of sex work in general. Prostitution seems like a default source of income, when nothing else is available, and it beats dieing of starvation. But that’s probably not always the case

I think I wouldn’t enjoy having sex with people not of my choosing. But I can imagine how someone could find it more fun and rewarding than flipping burgers.

My mom used to say, “Young people think it’s all about sex. Gradually you learn that it’s really about power.”

The reported male prostitute in Denver, Mike Jones (I used to know a Mike Jones), who reportedly has audio tapes of the minister, is probably a nice man with diverse interests who does prostitution as a sideline and could survive without it; at this moment he has a lot more power than the disgraced minister.

BTW: Reports say Mike is 49, and still selling it? You go, girl!

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sfmike said...

Mr. Jones is a little too pumped up, either from the gym or steroids or both, for my taste but he's definitely Sexy whereas the closeted Mr. Haggard is Definitely Not. You're mother was right, it's all about power.

And love sometimes comes into it, which is a whole other kettle of fish and where it really gets interesting.

sfwillie said...

You know, Mike, if you insist on bringing up the subject of love, I'll have to actually read the Symposium. Do you know a good translation?

sfmike said...

Nah, that Plato dude always went way over my head.