Friday, November 17, 2006


A standard instruction allows jury members, when they believe a witness has lied about one material fact, to discount all of that witness’ testimony.

It’s common sense. If a person lies to you once, you can’t trust them not to lie to you again.

It’s disheartening to catch someone in a lie, not because of some moral outrage, but because it means that future statements by that person will require some scrutiny and verification, which is unwanted work.

So, Americans have seen demonstrated in recent months that leaders of major corporations lie, and can’t be trusted. Leaders of major religions, both traditional and emergent, are liars and can’t be trusted.

And our president and his administration, it’s finally dawning on the American people, actually did lie knowingly to justify an illegal, birdbrained invasion.

Thousands of humans killed and maimed.

Thousands of humans killed and maimed.

Rush Limbaugh admits lying about his views on political issues in order to “carry the water” of the Republican regime.

I know, ho-hum, gambling at Ricks… but what about the 50% of Americans who are of below average intelligence? They rely on smart people to help them figure things out. Tell them to go kill Iraqis, and they’ll actually do it. Lying to them is a sin.

They are bewildered. Who can they believe?

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