Wednesday, July 03, 2013


His visit to South Africa ended in disaster when Obama was denied a photo-op with dying statesman Nelson Mandela.

With his programs and popularity sagging at home Obama wanted to share some spotlight with Mandela as "two Black World Leaders."


But the Mandela's family denied Obama the visit, and Obama didn't get his photo-op.

"Mandela was too sick," was the excuse, but, heck, how healthy does Mandela have to be to get his picture taken?

They take pictures of dead people all the time.

No, Obama was rejected because his politics are antithetical to Mandela's and such a photo op could only smirch Mandela's image.

Besides, Obama is a mere politician, whose main strategy is compromise with evil.

The only African American possibly on Mandela's level is this world-beloved hero:


So Obama repeated the lame medical excuse and declared that he, Obama, "didn't need a photo-op."

From a Guardian article on this visit:

The other reaction in South Africa has been one of apathy, partly because all attention is on Mandela, partly because excitement about Obama in Africa has waned since the heady days of 2008. "He's now 'only' an American to us," said Eusebius McKaiser, a political commentator and radio talkshow host. "His blackness is no longer of interest."

Having been disrespected by Nelson Mandela, Obama received a much warmer welcome on his next African stop.

Unfortunately, the warm welcome came from an internationally wanted war criminal named George W. Bush.

Barry got a photo-op with Bush, in Tanzania.


Apparently Barry and George are cooking up some good capitalist experiences for electricity-starved Central Africans.

What a come-down for Barry!  He thought of himself as a Nelson Mandela, and found out he was just another George Bush.

History may even remember Obama as part of the Bush Team, like this other African American:


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