Saturday, June 29, 2013


The Supreme Court this week expressed the collective feelings or our nation as a whole on two important topics.

First Ruling:  We still don't like Black people.

Second Ruling: We like Gay people.

Many Gay people are celebrating like crazy while some Gay Liberationists are dismayed.


Liberationists see Gay eagerness to join mainstream USA culture as a defeat, which for some was sadly unexpected.

The rulings make perfect sense.  America's innate racism, now mostly closeted, survives in the Gay community as in the USA as a whole.

I have heard many Gay white people express disgustingly racist opinions regarding Black folk.

Liberationists saw the oppression of Gay people as a symptom of a diseased national mind-set, along with the oppression of women, the oppression of other racial minorities, and the military pursuit of world domination.


Turns out, many Gay people saw their own oppression as the only flaw in the Great American

Enterprise. This was perfectly expressed in a featured comment in the online SF Chronicle story about the pro-Gay decisions:

Only one thing to say ... my faith in my country is back on track. Hooray!

Too bad Black folk can't say the same thing.


Too bad for them.

Some history*:

In 1750, in Charleston, SC, some uptight Christian ministers led a movement to forbid notorious homosexuals from purchasing slaves at  the thriving local slave market. This was based on feared "immoral purposes."

One of Charleston's "notorious," whose name is lost to history, fought the ban and eventually succeeded in getting homosexuals re-admitted to the slave market once again.

The argument was fairness, but the tactic was blackmail.

Nonetheless, a great victory for Gay people!

Little steps.

* or, I'm sure this could have happened.

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