Saturday, July 20, 2013


The one thing we all know about president Obama is that he can and will give speeches.

Those of us who pay attention have learned that Barry's speeches have nothing to do with his intended policies or actions. Media still go gaga over his pretty words.

Barry's latest speech concerned the racist slaying of a black highschool kid and subsequent acquittal of the gunman by an all-white jury after a sweetheart prosecution.


Praised for revealing his own personal experiences such as  clerks following him around in department stores and motorists locking there car doors when he approaches.

"Context," he called it.

Here are some "context" words Barry left out:


Jim Crow



Ku Klux Klan

Driving While Black.

And of course, Barry wouldn't mention efforts-in-progress in Republican controlled states to keep Black people from voting.


Nor would he mention New York's stop and frisk policy--operating full bore as we speak.

He suggests training police to not profile black people.  And maybe look at some state laws regarding self defense.

Otherwise, he can't think of anything except maybe have a party, uh, a convening of people to talk about the issue.

This from the highly praised speech

But I do recognize that as President, I've got some convening power, and there are a lot of good programs that are being done across the country on this front. And for us to be able to gather together business leaders and local elected officials and clergy and celebrities and athletes, and figure out how are we doing a better job helping young African American men feel that they're a full part of this society and that they've got pathways and avenues to succeed -- I think that would be a pretty good outcome from what was obviously a tragic situation.

Barry defines the problem as the "feeling" of not being a full part of society. For most young black guys being excluded from society is not a feeling, it's a fact.

Barry, you can save the airfare, hotel, meals, and meeting facility expenses; here's the answer:


Decent paying employment for the young men, and for their parents, would go a long way.

Of course Obama's performance on the jobs front has been terrible, and, despite his protestations, it's clear that he doesn't give a fuck about jobs, or Black people, or much of anything except pleasing the Penny Pritzkers of the world.


By the way, this let'stalkaboutrace gala Barry wants to throw for "...celebrities and athletes," is NOT a "pretty good outcome," of the Trayvon Martin slaying.

Maybe for Barry it is.

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