Sunday, June 23, 2013


The escape of Edward Snowden from Hong Kong is unexpected good news.

Stateside consensus was that Snowden would be quickly hunted down and tortured, just like Bradley Manning.


We assumed that the CIA and Seal Team Six would catch him easily, which for progressives is just another no-fun scenario.

Now it has become a highly entertaining chase story.

Rather than extradite him Hong Kong helped Snowden escape and, just for fun, asked Barry to explain why he's been spying on the entire population of China.


The story is so big-picture it's like a cartoon, with Snowden as Tweety Bird and Barry as Sylvester.



Or maybe more like Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote.

Duncan Black (Exchaton) asserts that NSA-type surveillance programs are mostly grift, with little benefit to anyone but the payees. This would make the NSA more like Acme Products, on which Mr Coyote (card-carrying genius) continues to rely.


Every day that Eric Snowden remains free makes Barry and his spyguys look like a cartoonish fools.

Well, Barry is a fool... with a teleprompter, and a billionairess.

Barry says he believes in "secret laws." Can't get more foolish than that.


My guess is that of most people in the world who are aware of this story are rooting for Edward Snowden.

I would also guess that the combined net-worth of those rooting for Barry the Cat is many kajillion times the net-worth of those rooting for Tweety Bird Snowden.

This caper is the best news for actual progressives (which excludes members of the Democratic party) since...

Well, the demonstrations in Brazil are also encouraging.


Just because all goodness has been driven out of the USA by the Bankster/Military thugocracy doesn't mean all hope is lost.

Cheneybushobama doesn't rule the the entire planet yet.

And world population is such that they can't kill us all at once. As Hitler discovered, the disposal of bodies is itself a huge headache.

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