Wednesday, April 02, 2008


After much consultation Mayor Newsom has come out in favor of the First Amendment. This decision required careful consideration because the US Constitution is silent on the issue of sucking Chinese Communist ass.

The Mayor has released the route of the San Francisco leg of the Torch Relay, in plenty of time for protest groups to incorporate specific geography in their planning. [Map from SFGate.]

This is all good, I guess.

Speaking of geography, the SF leg of the Torch Relay will be the only time the torch is in the United States, actually it’s the only stop in North America, something San Franciscans can be proud or ashamed of.

Those ashamed can take heart that the Torch, while invading our soil, doesn’t make it very far inland.

I looked at the route on googlemaps with my plastic ruler, and found that at no point is the torch route much farther than 1000 feet from the shore (bay). Not a substantial beachhead.

It’ll sort of blend in with those annoying seals at Pier 39.

While we accept the torch with fear and loathing, we've managed to keep it at bay. SF should be proud.

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sfmike said...

They are sea lions and they're not annoying, they're fabulous. You're right about keeping the route on the shoreline, though. The powers that be got very nervous very fast, and it's about time.

sfwillie said...

Dear Mike, Thanks for the zool. In my deficient taxonomy (?) if it has tusks and/or is bigger than a Volkswagen, it's a walrus. If it fits in a breadbox it's an otter. Otherwise, it's a seal.

Your world is richer than mine. :-)

BTW: Remember when the Pope came here and there was all that planning about his parade route, and then nobody showed up to see him... that was great!

Sea lions annoying? At least less so than the torch, or the pope--I'll give you that.