Thursday, April 03, 2008

C.W., Q & A

In his SFGate column this morning, converted sports writer C.W. Nevius tsk-tsks the Board of Supes torch-inspired condemnation of China’s ongoing rape of Tibet.

Nevius’ dull comments are like those of the old white ladies I used to overhear on the L-Car.

The only reason I read his column is because it google-alerted on Carmen Chu, the Mayor-appointed Supervisor representing my district.

In the months since her appointment, Chu has followed Newsompolicy to the letter. In the torch matter, because she’s Chinese-American, Chu has been Newsom’s point-person against any criticism of the current Beijing regime.

Despite efforts by Newsom and Chu to kill the resolution condemning China, Daly's anti-China resolution was finally approved by the Board of Supervisors. Nevius is confused:

“That it passed Tuesday at the full board meeting 8-3 seems to indicate that this wasn't exactly a ticking time bomb of controversy. After all, who doesn't want to vote against human rights violations?”

Answer: Well, if the vote was 8-3, that means three supervisors didn’t “want to vote against human rights violations.” Their names are Chu, Elsbernd (Jesuit educated), and Alioto-Pier. They are the Newsom appointees on the board.

Later, Nevius again expresses puzzlement:

“God only knows why San Francisco was picked as the only North American city for an Olympic torch run.”

Answer: The greedy people who run this town (City Powers) actually wanted the torch run to come here. They lobbied for it. It must have smelled like money to them, it probably still does. They probably gave assurances.

To end the column, Nevius takes a jab at Chris Daly, sponsor of the anti-China pro-Tibet resolution, for not commenting (yet) on some proposed liquor sales restriction sponsored by outgoing dud Gerardo Sandoval.

Quite an unexpected juxtaposition!

Per Nevius, this is one little scene in the epic contest between Daly and Newsom, two local boy-heroes about whom the rest of the world remains blissfully ignorant.

To sum up Nevius’ column:

Screw Tibet, let’s hassle winos!

Such is C.W., conventional wisdom, in San Francisco.

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Anonymous said...

I too am from Chu's district. I hope you or others from the sunset can find a candidate to run against her for our district's supervisor position. Chu has only been in the City for two years. She knows nothing of the sunset or our needs or our history. She got in front of a group of sunset residents and said please let me know what the issues are. She had to as she knows nothing. She is just an appointed Gavin pawn.

The sunset needs a qualified supervisor.

sfmike said...

According to a friend who worked with Nevius at the Examiner, his nickname was "Master of The Obvious," and it's a schtick he's been doing all his life. His banality, however, has taken a turn for the sensational, and I fear the worst for everyone.

Carmen Chu is giving Ms. Alioto-Pier some competition in the Evil Reactionary Princess category, and may even win because the bar isn't set all that high with Ms. A-P. What a funny place San Francisco can be.