Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Mayor Newsom’s fiancée, Jennifer Siebel, is both beautiful and photogenic (independent qualities) and she looks great in couture.

Not many local trophy wives, at least per SFLuxe, who have all three talents and Jennifer Siebel is one of them.

Ms Siebel is a first-place trophy, at least in the looks department. [Click on picture for source.]

And she has guts.

Women with weaker stomachs might shy away from suitor whose past infidelity has been so public, and repugnant. Not Ms Siebel.

More “prudent” women would never have gone swimming in the snark tank of SFist’s comments section.

And only the bravest of San Francisco mayoral wives-to-be would register as a member of the American Independent Party (as reported this morning by Matier and Ross).

San Franciscans pretend to be liberal or progressive, and, on national issues this is sometimes true. Certainly most San Franciscans are registered Democrats. So people like Dianne Feinstein and Gavin Newsom, (who are Nelson Rockefeller Republicans at heart) have to work within the Democratic Party, or leave the city.

In San Francisco where the Republican party is déclassé, the American Independent Party is only slightly less anathema than the American Nazi Party, or, maybe, the KKK.

Republican is the party of Lincoln.

Democrat is the party of Roosevelt and Kennedy.

American Independent is the party of George Wallace and Curtis LeMay.

While we don’t share Ms Siebel’s extreme right-wing views, we salute her for standing up for her values as a proud white woman.

Of course, Jennifer is learning that such candor might hurt her future husband’s political career (as if) and so she has to go along with the “mistake” story, claiming she checked “American Independent” on the voter registration form when she meant to check “Decline to State.”

Just like that—she goes from “proud white woman” to “ignorant beyond belief.”

Being a political wifey is almost like a job. What a team Jen and Gav will make!

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Anonymous said...

She is a political wife (actress) in the making. I can't find a more clear version of Gavin's swearing in ceremony (one news station had a clearer version of the elbow throw), but watch the first 5 seconds of the below video. She's late, pushes her way on stage, elbows short dark haired woman who thinks of punching her (my embelishment), and then takes her "Nacy Reagan" pose of total rapture of Gavin....