Saturday, March 29, 2008


Colleagues of mine in Rudy’s Group, (365/yr, 9:00am, tennis, GGP), include a very sophisticated, and low-profile (redundant?) couple, Nick and Betty Maffei.

We were chatting one morning and blogging came up and we finally exchanged addresses and I looked at Nick Maffei’s San Francisco Photo Blog. I highly recommend it.

As a native blahblah, I think I know plenty about the geography of San Francisco, so it’s a pleasure to discover how ignorant I really am.

Alice Marble Tennis Courts? Never heard of them. I’ve heard of Alice Marble, one of greats in the history of SF sports.

As Nicks latest post shows, Alice Marble courts are at the top of Russian Hill.

All his photos are clickable for hi-res, and they are mostly of things, or from perspectives I wouldn’t expect.

All pleasure.

BTW: If you click around Nick and Betty’s other sites you’ll see how much fun they’ve had since the mid 1990s or so (e.g., teaching computing on cruise ships). The only mention of anything before then has to do with the Army Security Agency. Oh, oh!

So, they’re like Nick and Nora Charles, or, like Bernard and Fiona Samson.

Very nice photos.

Coincidentally, Alice Marble served as a spy in Europe for US intelligence during World War II, even sustaining a gunshot wound at the hands of a Nazi agent. At least according to Wikipedia.

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Anonymous said...

absolutely beautiful pictures. r.s.

nmaffei said...

Thank you for the kind words. And I love your blog and your pithy comments.