Friday, March 28, 2008


The issue of bicycling in San Francisco always rouses negative emotions in me.

The rude, illegal behavior of many cyclists contributes to this, but there is more.

Bicycle advocates seem to think that their agenda is pro-environment (show me the numbers) and therefore “progressive.”

In general, “progressive” refers to collective, shared solutions to social needs.

A bicycle is a personal transportation device.
An automobile is a personal transportation device.

While reasonable people can compare and contrast the benefits and drawbacks of these two types of personal transportation devices, neither has anything to do with “public transit.”

As a political effort, bicycling is reactionary.

Public transit (Muni) is progressive.

So that explains the bicyclists’ fuck-you attitude—they’re basically right-wing survivalists. Look at their physical fitness, and derring-do.

Recently Fog City Journal covered a City-Hall-steps rally (all one word in German) advocating implementation of the City’s Bicycle Plan, which has been stalled by inadequate Environmental Impact Studies. (Just like right-wingers, bicyclists don't much appreciate EIRs.)

I gush over Luke Thomas’ photography, but this story had photos by Adam Aufdencamp which are also very impressive. Taken together I think of the photos as “The Faces of Cycling.”

Above pictures are details from Mr Aufdencamp’s photos of some of the cycling advocates at the rally.

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