Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Our mayor is talked about on Huffington Post. He’s going big time.

The article is by an East Bay writer named Mayhill Fowler. She disses our boy-mayor to a national audience.

As we’ve heard, Newsom has been on the campaign trail for Hillary [note: San Franciscans voted for Obama in the recent primary]. Ms Fowler begins:

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom is one of the prettiest but alas not one of the sharpest in the Democratic pencil box. Chatting with local pundit Phil Matier, in less than two minutes on the early morning news Mayor Newsom confirms the Clinton game plan for winning the Democratic presidential nomination.

[Note: she blows the first sentence. She should have said, “…alas not one of the sharpest Democrats in the pencil box.”]

Fowler continues:

"It's a very subjective thing--intelligence analysis. You can go either way," Newsom informs Matier. Since when does a city mayor know anything about national intelligence analysis?

And concludes:

Just returned from junketing with the former President around Texas, Gavin is parroting Bill, who clearly had a good time holding forth in the back of that black Texas SUV.

Later she gets in this dig:

"Do you think for a second the Bush Administration will take all that objective data and hesitate to manipulate it in the context of this campaign?" Newsom rejoins. Trust me--this reasoning is way too Machiavellian for the Mayor.

Picture this: Bill Clinton and Gavin Newsom sharing an SUV between dry Texas stops. Sooner or later they gotta start swapping desktop-tail stories.

Not a tornado, but converging dust devils.

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Anonymous said...

Willie, I read this article. I hope he does run for gov. Let's see how he handles a few hundred Dan Noyes-es (?) r.s.