Wednesday, November 28, 2007


A recent survey of her constituents conducted by District 4 Supervisor Carmen Chu turned up some surprising results.

First: The residents of District 4 are pretty darn happy about city government and its treatment of their fogbelt neighborhood.

Second (and this is the surprise): The most important concern of D4 residents is that restaurateurs citywide are paying too much in fees to put tables on their sidewalks.

This shows the outward-looking, empathetic character of District 4. We have it so good out here in the fog that we are concerned with others who are less fortunate, such as restaurant owners.

Responding to the survey results, Supervisor Chu, a Newsom flunky he appointed to fill the temporarily vacant seat of Ed Jew, has introduced legislation to lighten the burden on those wishing to extend their private business space into the public right of way.

According to the Examiner story:

The public works code currently requires businesses to pay more than $134 to buy or renew a permit. The new ordinance would cut the initial cost to $104 and the annual renewal cost to $52.

Besides, the city doesn’t need the revenue, we have plenty of that!

By the way, the Examiner story begins:

The sidewalk cafĂ© has long been part of San Francisco’s joie de vivre.

Long term residents will join me in throwing up.

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