Monday, August 06, 2007


The comedy called Newsom-Tourk-Tourk (as Robert Solis terms it) included some shtick involving an entity called “Benefit Magazine.”

Benefit Magazine first appeared as an out-placement program for Mayor Newsom’s office/bedroom staff. It was definitely some sort of nexus, even a nest of nexes.

So when the Ruby-shopping-a-book rumor came around last week I again checked the Magazine’s website to see if the May-June issue had finally appeared. (The site was down, under construction.)

Further googling got me to a nice post called power begets power powerlessness beget… zilch nada nothing oblivion.

This was on a blog called SF Bay Area, authored apparently by Robert Solis. I looked at a bunch of his posts and he has a POV I find simpatico. He is hot on the Tourk trail.

I’m putting a link to his blog, SF Bay Area, in the right column.

It looks like Benefit Magazine has changed hands. That hotshot Gaskin appears to have departee’d. I’ll be looking to SF Bay Area for insight on this.

I’m hoping Mr Solis will also explore Aware Magazine (publisher Christopher Caen) for us.

Oh the humanity! Oh the clay paper!

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Anonymous said...

holy schiese! that accounts for the sudden explosion in hits on my site. you must have a helluva popular site. and people pay attention to you, too. geez, do i deserve your platitudes? no way. i'm just an ordinary guy who finds some things interesting. the RR-T case caught my attentioon because it exemplies the arrogance of the power holding class. Some guy once wrote, "the elite get more of what there is to get." i guess that includes good looking married women, too. since i'm about a -4 on the 10 point scale, that really makes me mad. never did like hogs.

anyway, i have a link to sfwillie on my site. hope some have clicked on it. i've been thinking of writing some reviews of blog sites. i'll lead with yours. regards. rs

p.s. you're a hellava a good writer, too. i'm jealous. i always despised grammarains in school. that's why i come up short on syntax. i always thought grammar was the single greatest threat to civilization, right along with weed wackers.

W.C. Varones said...

Did you see Gavin Newsom's new campaign slogan?