Tuesday, August 28, 2007


It looks like Tim Gaskin’s gone. Looks like Ruby, too, is now part of the bad old days at Benefit Magazine.

According to the mag’s Executive Director, Paul Corso:

"Benefit Magazine is on the verge of releasing a vastly improved editorial product in terms of depth and quality of coverage and of aesthetic design. We have come a long way in the past year. We are now responding to the stream of constructive feedback we have received from our board of advisors and our audience."

A “stream of constructive feedback”?

“Vastly improved…aesthetic design”?

If that ain’t disrespect, what is? Tim and Ruby poured their life’s passion into Benefit Magazine. Mayor Gavin Newsom himself graced the first cover.

How could anyone "vastly improve" this "aesthetic design"?

To celebrate the re-launch, Benefit Magazine has found some support from a San Francisco leading Interior Design firm, SophiSticate Interiors, which has underwritten the cost of a complete remodel at the Benefit Magazine headquarters in the historical James Flood Building in downtown San Francisco.

This, from a press release issued by SophiSticate, posted on Extra Realty blog.

Poor Ruby! Out in the cold. Maybe she really should write that book.

No word yet on the re-launch date.

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Anonymous said...

Willie, great update. I'll put a link to it on my site if okay with you.

I wonder what Ruby is doing these days. I wonder if she is still in SF. Yes, she ought to write her book her way, but she ought to let Newsom have it with both barrels. He's the real culprit.

Anonymous said...

Ruby Tourk seems to be in the middle of something that she didn't quite bargain for... who wouldn't with Gavin.

As far as Gaskin. I am not sure how much "life's passion" he poured into Benefit, but considering the vast quantity of lies, meglomania, and self-promoting rhethoric that spews out of his mouth, any organization without him is better off for it.

Good luck to Benefit Magazine.

Anonymous said...

Tim Gaskin IS a meglomaniac, and I know for a fact that he and Ruby are no longer friends. She stopped speaking to him because he talked to Dan Noyes and other reporters when she asked him not to. Apparently, the GavinNewsom/ RubyRippeyTourk Sex Scandal was the most exciting time in Tim's star-fucker life that he couldn't contain himself, and in the process fucked-over the only real friend he had. I think she quit the magazine because of him.
Ruby Tourk is really learning who her real friends are as a result of this sex-scandal caper. And she's better for it.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,
Ruby still lives in the city. I've seen her twice walking into City Hall to drop off her son who goes to school in the building. That's gotta take balls.
I hear she's trying to get back together with Alex but he's not having it. She should venture off on her own... she's absolutely stunning and seems to be one brave woman. She can make a comeback.

Anonymous said...

I know for a fact that Tim Gaskin is a compulsive liar and someone you can't trust. " Life passion" NAY!!!! "power trip and control" yes!
As far as Ruby is concerned she is a victim. I wish her well and i wish Benefit great success.

Anonymous said...

Benefit is one of the best magazine we have in SF. They care. this mag has substance.
Leave the new "team" alone now that the bad "Tim is gone.

Anonymous said...

Drug money, sexism, sexual harrassment, guns, needles, pot, sex for trade... that's what our city needs, a zine with benefits.

funny how the zine has published two new issues without it's only creator and founder and it's gotten flat and fluffy. It keeps shrinking in size, comes out late (after the events in the magazine happen) and it's gotten boring.

One socialite said, "Looks like the free magazine Safeway puts out."

At this rate, the magazine will be 50 pages thin by the time it runs out of money... crash.

How proud Paul Corso must be of his 150k investment. What will he do next, start a mortgage company?

Anonymous said...

It's a great magazine. Give it time and it will be successful. Don't be so harsh.

Anonymous said...

Tim Gaskin's boyfriend married a real TV star. Did you know that? Her name is Coral
A wedding to get a green card I heard... What to do you say to that?

Anonymous said...

when is the INS going to find out?

Anonymous said...

Tim Gaskin's boyfriend? What evidence do you have that they were boyfriends? Paul Corso is straight.

As far as I could tell, they were just business partners. Tim is an ass but Paul is not.

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