Tuesday, August 07, 2007


In last week’s emotional, sometimes clamorous Bd of Supes meeting on stopping (temporarily) the Lennar redevelopment project, Supervisor Sophie Maxwell in whose district the project is taking place got beaten up pretty good by many of the public commenters.

The measure, sponsored by resurgent supervisor Chris Daly, was defeated 6-5 after a marathon hearing.

Now Daly continues to embrace the issue of environmental racism regarding the Lennar development, even visiting her district to personally inspect the site. To supervisor Maxwell this must feel like poaching.

Now it looks like Daly could run for Mayor after all.

In today’s meeting of the Board, Supervisor Maxwell proposes an ordinance to punish the meddlers by imposing dust standards (and additional red tape) on all construction projects in the city. To me it seems like a touché thingie.

Her final comment—is that what they used to call “snarky”?

It’s four minutes long but there’s hardly a dull moment.

Protecting poor, disadvantaged neighborhoods from being redeveloped out of existence is a classic leftist organizing cause. I guess it’s kind of old fashioned.

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sfmike said...

Maxwell deserves to be beaten up by the commenters from her district. She's a hack who is selling just about everyone out in every day in every way. "Dust control" beauracracy sounds a bit like shutting the barn door after the horses have already left.

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