Saturday, June 02, 2007


The first week or so of June in San Francisco is as overcast and dreary as any stormy day in winter.

I remember playing baseball in the first week of summer vacation and having the balls get waterlogged from the fog-soaked grass.

Ironically, the best weather in San Francisco occurs during the first week back to school in September.

For June, July, and August, the weather forecast is:

Fog along the coast extending inland night and morning, little change in temperature.
The western half of the City experiences moderate seasonal affective disorder—in the summertime!

At 9:00am this June 2, the courts in Golden Gate Park were unplayably wet from the low fog.

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sfmike said...

I want to go back to Palm Springs and see the sun again. So I think I will, even though it's probably already 120 degrees out there.