Tuesday, June 05, 2007


My other blog, Jesuit Watch, has attracted the attention of a Catholic apologist who is commenting anonymously on current and some previous posts.

The job of an apologist is to defend his or her organization against any and all verbal charges and attacks.

Regarding the Inquisition, for instance, Catholic apologists say that the Church didn’t kill anyone—all executions were performed by civil authorities.

Commenting on my story of the little swindle a Jebbie tried to pull on me, Anonymous called me “a bit paranoid” and suggested that the facts as I presented them couldn’t be true. Check it out in Why the Jesuits?

Apologetics is a dull, thankless job, that draws the same disrespect afforded to lawyers and dieticians.

Some of us are old enough to remember the dis-flavor of CPUSA’s defense of Stalinism.

The other day we saw on the Tucker Carlson show, Medea Benjamin defending Hugo Chavez’ closure of the opposition press.

My best friend, Pud, is on his way back from Venezuela as we speak. Pud says he had a major project about to be inked with the now-closed TV station. The “documentary” was to have propounded Pud’s Yamomami Paradigm for Human Survival. [I’m pretty sure the “paradigm” involves lots of hammock-time and ethno-botanicals.]

“It was the world’s last, best chance,” Pud said over a crackly cell connection, “I’m coming home to get drunk.”

Catholic Answers Forum has an Ask an Apologist section. Check out this Q&A titled Can You Answer a Question About Masturbation?

In answering the sincere young male convert, Father Vincent Serpa, O.P., makes this remarkable statement:

Nowhere will you find a higher understanding of sexuality than in the Catholic Church.

Survivors of re-assigned priest sex abuse might beg to differ.

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