Monday, June 11, 2007


My favorite political commentator (local) was on TV today. h. brown spoke at a Budget/Oversight Committee meeting that had been called on short notice to ram through a four-year contract with the city’s police.

h. pays attention to SFPD issues and strongly advocates steroid testing for violence prone officers.

For a nutty, gadfly, city-hall watcher, the pols take him seriously. They all know him. And they’re all just slightly afraid of what h. might say about them in his next Fog City Journal article. See his latest article here.

We hear Board President Peskin interrupt h. brown in the middle of h.’s allotted two minutes. It was rude and designed to put h. off his stride.

I checked the official agenda on the Board’s website and sure enough, h. was correct. At issue is when the committee planned for the full Board of Supervisors to consider the motion (MOU).The listing of this agenda item includes this statement:

The Chair intends to entertain a motion to send this item (File 070721) to Board as a Committee Report for consideration on June 12, 2007.

Peskin apparently had agreed, possibly because of heat generated over the weekend by h. brown, to wait two weeks before the full BoS considers the package. So Peskin ambushed him.

Anyway, it's impolite to interrupt a speaker who's been waiting hours and has only two minutes to make his point.

At the end, after h. has accused the committee members of election-year largesse, Peskin does a parting nyah-nyah, reminding us that he, Peskin is termed-out from the board.

I hope Peskin tries the private sector. They'll teach him some manners.

The contract is over fifty pages long, see it here.

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Jerry Jarvis said...

I was there and came to the podium and expressed my feelings about how they were giving 3 minutes to public speakers on other agenda items but was only allowing 2 minutes for this agenda item,and calling for a audit and oversight commitee for the BOS.

Anonymous said...

and guess what his fugly wife just changed her name after decades of marraige to "peskin" and is going to run for supervisor in 2008.


dv8r said...

H Brown, whom I assumed was some sort of mostly stoner/drooler, is amazingly right on about this issue.

The cops in this town are beyond prickly, they are ineffective, callous to the point of being unconcerened, and ought to be ashamed of their so-called "union".

I spit on their performance, and could do a better job with a baseball bat & and a pair of binoculars them a fleet of them in cars, w/ high tech communications equipment & guns do already.

Why is there not a permanent police presence in hotspot areas like the TL, Fillmore, Civic Center, 16th + Mission, Bayview etc is ridiculous...

I know a guy dying of stabbling wounds tonight at General who was nearly killed less than a block from their Mission Station.

the last few times I tried to get police to intervene in obvious gang/drug dealings & brutal public beatings they wouldn't so much as slow the car & roll down their windows, or even walk around a corner to the crime scenes.

Fuck The SFPD... perhaps when these thugs stop taking out each other & their clients & start warring with the pigs...maybe then they'll finally do something in the cesspool this city is becoming on their watch.