Wednesday, April 04, 2007


What’s dishonest about a City official accepting a “gift” from a corporation with business before the City?

The dishonesty is calling it a “gift.” Or some might call it a “perq” of the job. The correct word is “bribe.”

So, my guy, District 4 Supervisor Ed Jew, does himself and his district proud by turning down a free ticket to the San Francisco Giants Opening Day baseball game. [Examiner story here.]

I love Ed’s explanation for refusing the bribe, after stating that he IS a Giants fan:

“I have some work to do, there’s some constituents that want to meet with me,” Jew said.
As I said in my laudatory email, Small bribes are practice for big bribes.

The Giants lost, 7-0, in an effort that inspired this purple SF Chronicle lead:

Start with a quart of awful and add two teaspoons of hideous. Throw in a dash of miserable and you had the recipe for the Giants' 2007 opener Tuesday.

The only criticism I have of Ed Jew is that he’s a Giants fan. I guess he wants to root root root for the home team, but the Giants have never been much of a franchise. They’re not even lovable losers.

The Cubbies and the Tribe deserve their runt-of- the-litter affection. The Giants are just, well, losers, as lovable as, say, the White Sox.

But hey, on a nice day their ballpark is beautiful.

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