Sunday, April 08, 2007


This second clip starts where we left off with the mayor ignoring the unruly crowd and looking down at the file cards containing the pre-selected questions.

Finally a mature woman explains to her youngers that some members of the community actually want to hear what the mayor has to say about the selected topic.

This doesn’t get much respect, then another woman whose name I should know finally gains control and chides the unruly ones and chides the mayor for refusing to answer questions.

And Gavin doesn’t even acknowledge the assistance these two women rendered him. He doesn’t even refer to them.

He’s been criticized for not engaging in unscripted give-and-take exchanges. From these clips, he appears phobic, like he’s really afraid to look at the hecklers.

The criticism must be painful for Newsom, and this experience must be painful beyond belief. He has staffers and aides there who work with him every day. They all know that on this occasion at least the boss fell apart.

It’s like school teachers, no matter how brilliant you are, if you can’t manage a classroom, you can’t teach.

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